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Nell x Skeet

Litter 8

Arrived the 29th of May 2017

We are currently taking orders for the upcoming litter.  We are really excited about this litter knowing the caliber of the preceding pups from this match.

We now take a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve a place on the list, to reserve a certain pup once they have been born you then pay the remainder of the deposit of an additional $500 with the final payment of $750 plus any shipping costs at the time of pick-up/delivery or any adjustments for late pick-up which must be arranged in advance.  Once the people on the waiting list have been notified, & chosen a pup & paid any remainder of the reserve deposit, any pups remaining at that time will be advertised for sale publicly.  If there is not a pup that meets your specified needs/wants in this litter, your non-refundable deposit may be forwarded to a future litter. If for some reason you choose to not take the pup you have reserved, you can request your second deposit of $500 returned if we are notified before the pup is six{6} weeks of age, the non-refundable portion will be credited to a future litter.  We do ask that if you feel that you may have any issues, that you notify as soon as possible to make appropriate changes.   We attempt to send updates, pictures and videos weekly to everyone and engage them fully in the life of their new pup from the very first day.

ell x Skeet pups will sell for $1,500.oo each.
                                        Please see inclusions & call to discuss details. 



Titty giving Benton last 
minute instructions before he 
leaves  for his new home.


At Wall 2 Wall Border Collies {formerly also: & Sheep Ranch} we strive to provide quality working stock dogs who are also well socialized family members. Our pups have gone to a variety of home situations across the Canada, USA & Ecuador.

Many of our earlier years of raising pups of other breeds were spent in placing pups in loving homes.  Over the years with the addition of working stock dogs to our family and Sheep Ranch due to the explosion in our sheep numbers, we have moved to the breeding of quality stock dogs of specific breeding with certain traits in mind.  Above all we strive to have a well mannered, calm Border Collie that is easy to handle, works hard but lives comfortably as part of the family.
In this we strive to have an animal that is well behaved with strangers (not licking faces or jumping), sitting to be tied or petted, following basic commands from a young age, not stressed when kenneled or tied, able to travel quietly in a vehicle, and having other basic good manners but also able to do the job efficiently when asked to work, maintaining the instinct and eye pressure to work stock effectively while maintaining self control and focus.  Our pups are handled well so that they associate people with positive interaction at a young age.  We prefer to place a pup by six to eight weeks of age as this provides a better bonding with the new family/owner due to the dependence of the pup.
Shipping can be arranged.  Orders for pups are taken at any time, with notice being given when a litter is expected and after the litter has arrived, pictures sent out.  Deposits are collected for guarantee of a specific pup.  We send update pictures & videos weekly and if close enough encourage visits.
All pups are micro chipped and registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association, in the name of your choosing. They will have a Birth Certificate, first vaccinations & worming treatment.   As a Purina ProPlan Breeder our pups are also sent home with a puppy kit from Purina.  It contains information on how to sign up for the "My Puppy ProClub" and a folder with information and a place to keep your important puppy files.  They provide access to the Purina site with advice and information for your puppies growth and development.  It also contains a small bag of food to get you started with what the pup has been eating here. We include a letter of instruction to assist you with the first few weeks of adjustment based on not recently having a new puppy in the family, with advice to help avoid simple mistakes in early training.
When pups are born, everyone on the waiting list will be emailed or called with pictures of each pup.  The choosing order is dependent on who pays the deposit first.  To Reserve a specific pup, a deposit of $750 (including the $250 non-refundable protion) is required and payment in full is due before shipping/pick-up.  {If you choose at the 6th week mark to not take the pup the deposit is non refundable}  We accept email transfers, cash or personal check (mailed with enough time to clear before shipping).  We will arrange shipping if required.  All pups will have first shots prior to leaving.  Second shots and rabies are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We prefer to sell to people who have owned a dog previously, are active or interested in agility or are a working ranch.  Border Collies need exercise and attention.

The Price for a 6 week old pup in 2017 is $1,500.oo for Nell x Skeet litters.

The Price for a 6 week old pup in 2017 -18 is $1,500.oo for BeeJay x ?? litters.

See Pups & Videos or Past Litters page for more pictures or follow us on YouTube.

This SKEET x NELL  litter arrived October 6, 2016
​SEE Litter 7 Page  for pictures and video links.

πŸ’ž πŸΆ πŸ’ž 🐢 πŸ’ž 🐢 πŸ’ž Nell with pups πŸ’ž πŸΆ πŸ’ž 🐢 πŸ’ž 🐢 πŸ’ž  

And our exciting news is that our very 1st litter of
BeeJay pups arrived for Christmas of 2016~!
The waiting list is filling quickly, so if you are interested, please let us know now by phone or email message.  Next Nell x Skeet litter will be expected about May 31, 2017. Next BeeJay {sire to be determined as yet}  litter expected in the region of Aug 7, 2017 so home date estimate at this time would be Sept 18, 2017 (ESTIMATE)  



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