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 Next Available Litter......Due: 2020 February {BeeJay}  
New Direction! Watch for our New BorDoodle pups, from BeeJay and our new surprise bloodlines.
New Direction! Watch for our New BorDoodle pups, from BeeJay and our new surprise bloodlines.
New Direction! Watch for our New BorDoodle pups, from BeeJay and our new surprise bloodlines.
If you do not leave a phone number then I can not call you back to tell you any of these details or possibilities.  
Please fill out the contact page so that we might discuss things
missed on
 a phone call that would "sweeten" the deal for you.  
As a Purina Breeder, I offer you extra benefits. 
As a reputable breeder, I offer you lifetime support
with your pup, as well as a one-year health guarantee
YouTube link to all videos of this litter

YouTube Video of the kids with the dogs and how
we socialize with all sizes of people. We also have
cats in with the dogs and the current litter had
tiny kittens with them for a while as well.

These are the Fun,Exciting,Delightful,Sweet,Amazing,Adorable Nell x Skeet pups!!

Here is a recent litter of pups to Wall 2 Wall Border Collies 
Please scroll down to view photos of their recent litters or visit our photo gallery & brag pages.  For infomation on inclusions & our purchase conditions, Please visit the puppy purchase page for full  information of our practices, conditions, guarantees, health testing and more.


Please print for your files... no signatures required, "handshake" valued trust agreement.
NOTE:  Remember to keep pup away from strange dogs until he/she is passed second vaccination.
NO visitors bringing along their pets. NO Puppy Parks. NO visits to your relatives or friends until he/she is safely vaccinated for the second time.  Remember, it is your responsibility to keep puppy safe from possible exposure to virus or bacteria that could hurt or infect him/her.  ONLY his/her family of people and animals can be around him/her until he/she has the needed immunity to protect his/her health.  We have done what we can by breeding healthy pups from health tested parents... you have to do your part to keep them safe~!  :)   

 Current litter is from our Nell with Del'Mar Skeet  

         ~~Current Litter: Nell x Skeet born October 1st, 2019~~ALL PUPS SOLD~~
e are happy to announce the arrivial of pups                   th, 2019.  Take home is 6 weeks after pups are born.  For Nell x Skeet litter due               th, 2019, pick up will be appr0ximately            th, 2019.

We are taking orders now for this litter.  As our pups go quite quickly, please ensure that you are not disapointed.  Call us now with your questions and to ensure your placement on the listing.   

When pups are born, everyone on the waiting list will be emailed or called with pictures of each pup.  The choosing order is dependent on who pays the deposit first.  Most litters the pups are all chosen with in a few days from birth, as their color patterns and expressions become clear.  As many of our pups are shipped across Canada, waiting to pick a pup at a later date is not usually an option, although if you are close enough we welcome your visits.

To Reserve a specific pup, a deposit of $750 (including the $250 non-refundable portion for prior short list placement) is required and payment in full is due before shipping/pick-up.  {If you decline to accept your choosen pup at the 6th week mark, the second deposit is non refundable but will be accepted toward a pup from a future litter}  We accept email transfers, cash or personal check (mailed with enough time to clear before shipping).  We will arrange shipping if required at your expense. 

All pups will have first shots prior to leaving.  Second shots and rabies are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We prefer to sell to people who have owned a dog previously, are active or interested in agility, interactive sports or activities, are a working ranch or as a service/support dog.  Border Collies need exercise and attention.

Please keep watching here for updates on the latest litter and how they are growing.  We try to add new photos weekly or even daily as they change so much during this time. 

Thank you again for your interest in a Wall 2 Wall Border Collie.

BeeJay's Pups expected near Christmas will be a surprise~! 18, 2018 (sold) 
Click here to join the videos of these pups on YouTube
[SOLD]  BeeJay x Johnny pups born May 1st 2018  [SOLD] 

See Youtube and Facebook for more photo opportunities and to follow our little guys from birth right through to their new homws!  Thank you for your interest in the pups featured here, they have all gone to their new homes, but you may comtact us now to be included on the waiting list for their litter expected to arrive the end of July,  2019.  So call or email now to be on the list for one of these awsome pups.

About us
Border Collie puppies of exquisite 
breeding from champion working lines. 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our 
National Heritage though our dogs.
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